November 25 2019

4 Games this week to talk about and 4 more coming up.  The boys are playing better, but can they carry the momentum into a tough Alberta road swing? Lets hope so.

November 17 2019

We talk about the upset over PA, an ugly win but a win is a win at this point. We give unsolicited gambling advice. We look ahead to a busy couple weeks coming up. Check us out on twitter, youtube and facebook.

November 11 2019

A weird one with the cancelled home game, then a L in Winnipeg. We're a quarter through the season and we take stock of where we are at. Some generic dub talk and some stories of other cancelled events. 

We Stream live to twitter youtube and facebook.

November 3 2019

We talk about the past two games. Also some USHL NCAA talk and Matt proposes a shake up to the Memorial Cup format. We broadcast live on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

Youtube replay here :

We talk about both outdoor games this weekend in Regina. We lucked into some tickets for the NHL game and had a great time and a good story around it. It was a fun weekend, hope you enjoy listening to our experiences. 

October 20 2019

A good couple efforts from the boys and a great come back win in RD. Now a week of rest and then to the Outdoor game against a good Calgary team. We broadcast live on twitter for the first time! Check it out.

October 14 2019

The losing streak extends to 9. A roster change, is a coaching change coming too? Was the memorial cup team worth what we are experiencing now?

Chris speaks to the newest Pat,  Zach Wytinck, and gets Coach Struch's thoughts on the Vancouver game.

A special episode this week.  A tough week for the pats so it is well timed to have some guests from Ontario here to share some stories and laughs. Chris along with Kevin and Steven did a Sask WHL rink tour, it's a great listen and a lot of fun - hope you enjoy.

Regular Pats talk till 19:30

Special episode starts at 19:45 

September 29 2019

A tough weekend, a couple L's, but some flashes of good hockey. Hopefully the boys can right the ship going into a 3 in 3 against some good teams.

September 25 2019

A great episode today,

A little different today - we live streamed to twitter, and we kick the show off with interviews from Pratt, Kolle, and Coach.

After a great game 1, a bumpy game 2. We look to right the ship this weekend against PA and our first game against Winnipeg.


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