February 2 2020

Just 1 game and 1 win to review. Some games coming up which we expect some points out of. Lots of live listener interaction, thanks for that! Check us on twitter for your chance to get comments in. 

January 26 2020

Just a couple games to go over this week. A chance to see some young prospects. Only one game coming up, the boys get some good rest. We talk about multi sport athletes, mascots and more this week.

January 19th 2020

Wrap up the tail end of the tough US road trip.  A couple rookies get their first WHL action.  It'll be good to see the boys back in town Friday against Lethbridge.

Not a bad start to the US road swing. We review PG, TC and EVT. Talk a bit about the trades. Then we get to the second part of our interview with Joshua Critzer (@jjcritzer) of Dub Network, which looks at the upcoming games.

Chris was able to get down to the post trade scrum, we frame it with some of our comments.  

We have a great interview previewing this weeks games of the US road swing.  Joshua Critzer (@jjcritzer)of dubnetwork gives us insight on the teams we will see, but also the health of hockey in the PNW. 

We also talk about the pats lack luster week, and shed some light on the breaking news out of Moose Jaw today.

Just audio this week, no video, it'll be back next week.

December 29 2019

A couple really fun games to talk about this week. Is this the last time we see this team the way it is now? A crucial couple weeks coming up that will dictate the rest of the season. What would it it take for the Pats to make a playoff spot?

Our mid-season review episode with Kevin ( @theblueliner ) . Kamloops and Kelowna aren't allowed to play back to back games, we mix up their names over and over. We get into the status of the team, where we are at, and where can it go from here. It's been a tough season thus far, can the boys turn it around?

2 Games, 3 points. The team is getting some results.  We talk about teddy bear toss night, and have some great post game interviews. Oregon Ducks, Dale Hunter and Yoda all get mentions.  A good couple of teams coming in this week, lets see how the team comes together against them. 

December 1 2019

A shorter one today, we talk about the team and where we are at. Things are improving and the teams November record demonstrates that.Teddy Bear toss is coming up this weekend and we got a little thing planned for it.

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