Sorry the audio quality isn't up to par where we like it, but this is the back up to the back up.. so third string recording quality. 

Anyways, Kevin ( @theblueliner ) joins us again for our season wrap up. We talk team awards, some thoughts on the team and league next year. The draft is coming up in a few days, and the excitement is building for next year.

March 25 2020

Matt Rowe joins Chris to talk about Connor Bedard being granted Exceptional Player Status, the Pats "winning" the draft lottery and the inaugural US Prospects Draft.

Take a break from the current situation and listen to Matt Rowe join us today to go over an update on our prospects, list players and more about the future of the Pats. There is a future, we'll get there, and it looks good for the Pats.

March 8 2020

Eventful week for the Pats.  Highway 1 rivalry heats up! Our reactions to the brawl. We've got exclusive interviews from the week. A Manitoba week of games coming up. Check out the live video on Facebook and Twitter

March 1 2020

A tough weekend against a good Med Hat team. We look ahead to picking up some points to close the gap on RD. CIS, US division, and Gordie Howe in this weeks episode.

February 24 2020

We are broadcasting live on Facebook for the first time, so we have some fun with that. We get down to business though, a busy week for the Pats, 5 games to review.  A home and home with Med Hat. WHL talk and more.

Tune in live via facebook or twitter, but we will always have the podcast feed up as well. 

February 14 2020

Adverted a short ugly show with a win tonight.  We end up off on tangents from the worst mem cup host, to the problems with MLB.. thanks to the boys @RebBrewRegina for a good brew to promote dialogue tonight. 

February 9 2020

5 game win streak! The team is playing well, going into a road swing against all playoff caliber teams next week though. Been some fun times at the rink lately. 

February 2 2020

Just 1 game and 1 win to review. Some games coming up which we expect some points out of. Lots of live listener interaction, thanks for that! Check us on twitter for your chance to get comments in. 

January 26 2020

Just a couple games to go over this week. A chance to see some young prospects. Only one game coming up, the boys get some good rest. We talk about multi sport athletes, mascots and more this week.

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