March 19 2019

Our Season wrap up and review with Kevin @theblueliner  . Lots to go over this week. A fun episode as we react live to the WHL game 69 between the blazers and rockets. Enjoy, it's a been a great season!

March 10 2019

Home and Home with MJ to wrap up.  Some news this week that could effect the Pats. Import draft discussion and more in this weeks episode.

March 3 2019

The season is quickly coming to an end, we still have some hockey to talk about though. 3 games to review, and a home and home with MJ coming up.

We discuss potential goaltender drama in Regina. A former Pat speaks to another podcast and more on this weeks episode.

February 24 2019

Couple good wins this week.  Another big week against some good teams. We are on Sportsnet again on Saturday at 230 pm. Lets fill the rink better than MJ did. We pick our players of the week.

Februray 16 2019

A couple games to look at EDM and MJ.  Some Beer discussion. 3 games this week.  We talk about what this team has to play for, and it's potentially a big thing that could have big implications for the next few years.

Don't forget the Saturday game in MJ is at 230pm.

February 10 2019

The Pats make us look silly, which isn't terribly hard.  A great road trip reviewed. A couple games this week to preview.  Remember to order pizza from Western Pizza on Wednesday.

If you like the episode, tell a friend.  Every listen helps!

February 1 2019

A "quick" episode after the two games this week.  A road trip to look at coming up. Some league news, the ICE relocating and other WHL topics.

It's Friday night so we ramble on a bit, hope you enjoy and feel free to join to add to the conversation on twitter.

January 26 2019

Home and Home with Brandon reviewed.  A look at Calgary and Saskatoon home games. Some great play this week, hope to keep it up.

January 20 2019

3 more L's, some inconsistent play but a few flashes of brilliance.  We talk CHL prospects game, WHL attendance, TV coverage. Just a home and home to look at.  See you at the rink.

January 13 2019

Live studio audience episode, a bit of background talk but it's all good. Chris is visiting some family and missed a few games, so it's mostly Matt's opinion.  Tough week against some good teams, but we have the chance to get some points this week.

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